We are a specialist Business Analysis training provider

Company overview

Started in January 2008, 10fifteen aims to make the world a better place by helping people create business systems and software that do what they need to do efficiently and effectively.

10fifteen is a fast-growing but still-very-personable training company. We like to compete on customer service and the depth of knowledge and expertise we can transfer to you.

We are trying to build a company we'd like to do business with ourselves. We aim to WOW you through our support and outstanding training experiences, and be a company that's human, respectful, transparent, inclusive, socially and environmentally conscious.

You can rest assured that you won't find anyone more passionate about your success in our space. We are proud to play our part in the wonderful ecosystem we play in.


Get in touch. We love talking with our customers.

phone1300-10-1015 or +61-2-7555-5555
webwww.10fifteen.com.au (but you knew that, didn't you?)
Google+some long incomprehensible link
emailcustomer.care@10fifteen.com.au. Returning emails isn't as fast as the other contact methods due to the high amounts of spam we receive on this address
PO Box 2215
New Farm, QLD, 4005

Keeping it real and small

How can a small team develop, train, market and support a modern training company? Here's how we are attempting to do it:

Focus, Focus, Focus

To paraphrase Douglas_McIlroy our philosophy is to 'do one thing thing and do it really well'.

We maintain a laser-like focus on solving one training need at at time, and solving it really well. That's why we have chosen not to have a huge selection of mediocre courses, but a few exceptional courses.

Competency driven

We're naturally inquisitive, so we think learning stuff is great. But what's really important to us is how learning is applied in the real world.

Our courses are developed using a competency model that helps define what people need to know and do to be successful.

Our model has been developed using data from real world public and private sector projects and is aligned with industry models from the IIBA® and the SFIA® Foundation

Why is this important? Because when you graduate, you're progressing your career in line with recognised industry best practices and standards.

Trainers that are practitioners

Our trainers are business analysts and project managers that have worked on small and large projects that have changed businesses.

It's important to us that our trainers can relate real world examples to bring the knowledge and techniques to life. And experienced to provide useful advice on challenges you may have in your businesses.

We love data

OK, what we actually mean is that we really love the scientific method.

Why? Because collecting and analysing data tells us what works and what delivers the best training outcomes for our customers.

To us ideas talk, but data screams.

Frequently asked questions#

Why the name "10fifteen"?#

We wanted a name that was simple to remember and a bit different to reflect our unique ideas on training and business analysis.

Our hypothesis is that 10:15am is our most productive time of day as that's when we are at our most caffeinated. A productivity study is imminent …

What are your green credentials?

We do everything we can to reduce 10fifteen's environmental impact. Here's a small sample:

  • We purchase carbon offsets when we need to fly
  • We work from our home offices as much as possible reducing polluting commutes
  • We hold all our internal meetings and many external meetings online, reducing polluting travel
  • We all try to bike, walk, take the bus or car-share as much as possible

Just like everyone else, we could do better in this area. Just know that we care and reducing our impact on the environment is always on our minds.